The Dreaming Tree

My Mission

My mission is to enlighten others to the valuable power held within and to teach others how to use that empowerment to live a life of joy, balance, and self-love. Teaching both children how to focus on their strengths, increase their self-confidence, and attract their goals and dreams is a deep passion of mine. I teach these skills by using stories and fun activities. I also teach mindful and visual meditation techniques to help with emotional stability, improving attention, and connecting with intuition.


Coaching kids is different from coaching adults because of the rapid brain development that is constantly occurring as children grow. The brain is not fully developed until the early 20s. Adults have a developed brain and have more life experience to draw upon in their exercises with me, which makes coaching kids require a stronger teaching component. Coaching kids helps build resilience, self-esteem, and self-confidence. It also helps kids develop their own "heart compass" or intuition in order to think for themselves and stand up to peer pressure. Through the coaching experience, kids will learn to live life with intention, purpose, and a vision for what they want in their lives.

When coaching kids, I use a combination of my own curriculum, Root To Rise, Adventures in Wisdom coaching lessons, and my personal experience as a mom and elementary school teacher. In my workshops and in one-on-one coaching sessions, I teach skills such as meditation, mindset, self-talk transformation, positive affirmations, and more. The skills I teach are skills that some adults have not yet learned, but that are guaranteed to help in every aspect of life, so I work to give kids a head-start in this kind of personal development that will be crucial to their fulfillment later on. Through my coaching and teaching, kids are empowered to be self-leaders in their lives in order to create happiness and success with emotional resiliency as they journey through life.

Coaching Packages

Adventures in Wisdom

As a certified WISDOM Coach™ through Adventures in Wisdom™, we use storytelling, discussion, activities, and parent involvement to share skills with children to equip them with amazing life skills as they grow. At Adventures in Wisdom™, our mission is to inspire and empower kids to believe in themselves and their dreams and to provide them with the tools to make that happen. Through our program kids learn how to be confident and prepared to handle the ups and downs of growing up, to think for themselves and make good decisions, and to go for it in life.

Does your child struggle with being sensitive and/or emotional? And although you love your child and want them to succeed, you just don’t know how to help. I am here to help you. I am dedicated to working with children so that they can manage their emotions and see them as a gift. I base my workshops and one-on-one coaching using the Adventures in Wisdom™ program and I add in additional valuable tools related to Personality Dimensions (Colours) and Emotional Intelligence. By combining these programs together, my clients are able to rid or prevent limiting beliefs from taking over their lives and be able to set themselves up for a successful journey throughout life.

Issues that manifest over time often result from beliefs we develop as children and as adults we have no understanding of how our childhood stories, patterns, or habits shape who we become. Renaye Thornborrow, CEO of Adventures in Wisdom™ says “We all want our kids to be happy and to walk in the world with their head held high…It The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ is a fun, story-based program that gives step-by-step tools for helping kids learn how to handle the ups and downs of growing up; to think for themselves and make good decisions; and to go for their dreams and make them happen.

Adventures in Wisdom™ takes children on a journey towards mindset development. Through story-telling, core concept activities and themed workshops, children learn how to further develop their self-esteem and connection to themselves. Workshops are packaged based on needs, and can be changed accordingly. Children who join these workshops learn deeper concepts of:

  • Self confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Resilience
  • Self Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Peer pressure
  • Living intentionally
  • Goal Setting
  • Law of Attraction

Each module of Adventures in Wisdom™ consists of 6-7 lessons and includes: materials, crafts, healthy snacks, (please ensure to let me know of any dietary considerations) and a completion certificate!

Mind Power: Mind Power is the secret behind self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience, happiness, and what your children achieve in their lives. With Mind Power, your kids learn how their thoughts create their experiences and what they can do to shape their thoughts.

Inner Power: With Inner Power, your children develop their inner compass! Your children learn the values of self-leadership such as responsibility, integrity, respect, and self-respect. They also learn how to make good decisions and how to stand up to peer pressure – so they can say “No!” to their peers and “Yes!” to themselves.

MePower: With MePower, your kids develop solid self-esteem and strong self-confidence that doesn’t rise and fall with the ups and downs of life. Your kids learn specific skills to handle challenges and disappointments so they can feel good about themselves and believe in themselves—no matter what comes their way!

Dream Power: With Dream Power, your children create a vision for their lives so they live life with intention versus drifting through life. Your kids also develop goal setting skills and learn how to use the Law of Attraction tools of visualization, affirmations, and gratitude to “program” their mind for success.

Slaying Dragons: With Slaying Dragons, your kids learn how to handle the tough stuff. Kids learn how to Manage fear and create courage, Move past “failure” by putting it in a box, learning from it, and letting it go, Overcome mistakes by replacing blame and excuses with responsibility and action,

Summer Coaching Packages

In this child coaching program, we target your kids well being as well as giving parents the tools to support their kids. Working with both parents and kids, we allow you to help your kids long after they finish their coaching sessions.

My summer child coaching program is delivered bi-weekly for 7 sessions. In this package, I will spend 3 sessions with your child and the 4th session with you, their parent(s). Then, I will spend sessions 5-7 with your child. In the last session, I will give you a full report of my insights and tips on coaching your child at home.

In this program you will recieve:

  • 7, 1 -hour sessions bi-weekly week from the week of June 14-August 30
  • Guided instructions in mindfulness meditation practices
  • Dialogue and stories/Problem Solving Solutions
  • Daily short home assignments (10 minutes)
  • Handouts and audio-guided meditation practices
  • Journal
  • Bi-Weekly Crafts/Activities

Cost of this program: $419 (plus tax)

Coaching Rates & Packages

I offer a free 30-minute consultation to determine if life coaching is the right fit for you. After that, each private session lasts 50 minutes and is $65. I also offer, when you purchase a coaching package, (2) 20 minute parent/guardian check ins, and weekly handouts and activities to do at home with your child.

Rates for Children (Ages 7-17)

The rates below are for both in person and private sessions

  • Sessions at a rate of $70 per 60 minute session or $45 per 30 minute session.
  • A package of 6-60 minute sessions is available for $419
  • A package of 12-60 minute sessions is available for $770

mindful tutoring

One-on-one 60-minute sessions and 90 minute group sessions will be held at The Dreaming Tree Yoga and Mindfulness studio. These sessions will support your child's academic success while teaching stress management techniques. Customized based on each student's needs, sessions will include breathwork, journaling, relaxation and scholastic support.