The Dreaming Tree


it's nice to meet you

My Name is Emily Keel, and becoming a Certified WISDOM Coach® for children and youth, felt like the most natural progression in my career and my offerings for adolescents and their families.

I have over a decade of experience as an elementary classroom teacher, almost two decades of parenting my own children and in the past few years I have become a certified yoga + mindfulness instructor. My approach to working with kids and teens is one that is holistic; I see the whole child/teen, every emotion they’re capable of experiencing and support them to live a life of happiness and fulfillment!

The world is changing and I am excited to be on this journey to help our youth through yoga and mindfulness. What kids experience on the inside is what they tend to exhibit on the outside. The reflection of their inner world shows up in every part of their outer world- school, home, sleep habits, eating patterns, and peer relationships.

I believe that the healing power of friendships and community have the ability to change the world, especially with children and teens. When we connect deeply with ourselves, we can begin to draw from the insight and wisdom within, and connect with others and the world around us. Mindfulness practices create a culture that is rooted in empathy, kindness, cooperation, and compassion so we raise the next generation of conscious communicators, empathetic leaders, and thoughtful, resilient, problem solvers. The yoga and mindfulness teaching that I provide gives us a path to achieving that.

I am always grateful to connect, and discuss various options of support for your child(ren) and family. I have offered individual coaching packages and have blended both coaching + yoga/mindfulness, we can also discuss catering a package that works for your family covering coaching/yoga/educational support.